Contest Guidelines

Contest Guidelines

Contest Guidelines

Some people are having challenges with getting the documents to download through Chrome. Workaround: right click the link, and in a new Chrome tab paste that link and hit the enter key. Microsoft Edge and Firefox seem to work normally.

All students will have access to take the Professional Development Test online between March 23-April 6, 2023.  Depending on the contest, some students may also have a Technical Assessment assigned to them in the online portal.

The state office will begin posting our 2023 State Leadership and Skills Conference contests the week of January 16th.

The following contests are under review or will not be held in 2023.

3-D Visualization and Animation
Auto Manufacturing Technician
Automated Manufacturing Technology
Building Maintenance
Cabinet Making
Chapter Business Procedure
CNC Milling Programmer
Commercial Drone
Computer Programming
Engineering Technology Design

Graphic Imaging Sublimation Printing


Sheet Metal  
Interactive Applications and Video Game Creation

Internet of Things and Smart Home
Medical Related Contest
Mobile Electronics Installation
Mobile Robotics Technology
Occupational Health and Safety
Outstanding Chapter
Principles of Engineering
Team Banquet
Team Engineering Challenge
Technical Computer Applications
Web Design and Development