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SkillsUSA Michigan Week and National SkillsUSA Week gives chapters, advisors and student members the opportunity to promote SkillsUSA programs at activities at the local level. During SkillsUSA weeks, members can also help raise awareness of SkillsUSA. This can be accomplished through membership drives, field trips to local businesses, an open house for parents or industry partners, a visit to local community organizations to make a brief presentation about SkillsUSA, or providing news releases and public service announcements to local media outlets for possible distribution.

Involvement in activities such as these brings positive recognition to SkillsUSA, SkillsUSA Michigan and to local schools and their students. Also, it underscores the importance of SkillsUSA’s purposes and mission, which is to help prepare America’s high performance workers in public career and technical programs.

SkillsUSA Michigan Week is the third week of October

National SkillsUSA Week is the second week of February

Local Chapter Ideas for Celebrating the State and National SkillsUSA Weeks

There are lots of ways to celebrate the SkillsUSA Weeks. Some local chapters plan a different activity for each day of the week, while others pick one day and hold one or two events. Start planning well before each SkillsUSA Week to organize any special events. Make sure to invite the local press (newspapers, television, bloggers) to your events! Here are some sample activities you might consider:

  • Have a SkillsUSA rally
  • Hold a SkillsUSA membership drive
  • Plan activities in you school gym, cafeteria or auditorium
  • Have your local officers visit classrooms to talk about SkillsUSA
  • Visit a local elementary or middle school and talk about career and technical programs
  • Have a SkillsUSA Spirit Week
  • Make a SkillsUSA showcase
  • Start planning your SkillsUSA Food Sculpture Contest Entry
  • Deliver Public Service Announcements from your chapter about relevant issues
  • Hold a poster or photo contest
  • Host a luncheon or deliver gifts to supporters, professional members and advisors
  • Request a Proclamation from the Mayor, City Council, Board of Supervisors or School Board
  • Host an open house to showcase chapter activities and accomplishments
  • Conduct a community service activity to bring greater awareness to your program
  • Encourage all members to wear SkillsUSA t-shirts, polo shirts or SkillsUSA official attire
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