State Leadership and Skills Conference

April 6-27, 2021


Because it will not be safe for groups to gather for some time, the Advisor’s Council has decided to hold the State Conference in a virtual format during April 6-27, 2021.


Each April, approximately 500 business and industry leaders will coordinate nearly 80 skill and leadership contests that they have prepared for the 1,500 student members from across the state.

These are entry-level, hands-on skill contests, evaluated by the same industry leaders who prepare them. The contests are based on industry driven occupational skill standards. Business partners work throughout the school year to plan the competitive events and many of them hire their new employees right off the competition floor!

Chapter delegates will also elect the new SkillsUSA Michigan State Officers who will lead us into another exciting year!

The award session showcases the top students in each contest. First place winners from each division in most contests are offered the opportunity to represent Michigan at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference!

More information will be posted soon.


Calendar Overview – still subject to change:
  • February 12      Membership Deadline – All contestants must be submitted by this date
  • March 12          Registration Deadline
  • March 26          Payment Deadline
  • April 6               Opening Ceremony
  • April 7               Resumes due
  • April 7-10          Liability Forms due
  • April 7-10          PD Assessment Test (formerly the Leadership Test) due
  • April 7-22          Dates for Contests (no competition on April 13-15)
  • April 27             Awards Ceremony

All students must be paid members of SkillsUSA Michigan by February 15th in order to participate in the State Conference.


Competitive Event Details

NOTE: Each contest technical committee chair is working to ensure all students can compete in some form of competitive event. Some competitive events will be run as a “State Contest” while others will be run as a “National Qualifying Event.”  Additionally, some contests may require a tiered contest with qualifier rounds.

  • State Contests are being modified to accommodate a virtual format. Contests may include any of the following: technical hands-on demonstration of skills, interview, presentation, technical assessment, portfolio review, etc.
  • National Qualifying Event may include an interview and/or technical assessment.
  • In each contest area (contests and qualifying events), the highest scoring contestant will qualify for nationals.
  • Contest Descriptions will be posted on the state website in the “2021 Virtual SLSC” area as soon as they are released from technical teams (2019-2020 Contest Descriptions and/or national technical standards that are posted now on the State Contest page can be used as a general guide).
  • Contest Limits – Since all contests are Direct to State without a regional competition, we have limited the number each school is allowed to register in each contest (see the button on the right side of this webpage).  More details on contest guidelines for the 2021 Virtual Competitions will be posted by the end of February.
  • Conference and Contest Schedule will be posted on website once all contest and conference dates are finalized. Additionally, Conference LMS will have due dates for contestants to follow.
  • Conference LMS Access will start April 6.
  • Resumes 1 page resume required by all students. Resumes should be submitted in conferences contest LMS. Due date for resume submission is April 7.
  • Liability Forms are required for all students. The liability form must be uploaded into the Leadership Component of Conference LMS starting April 7 and no later than April 10.  Failure to do so will disqualify the student from contests.
  • PD Assessment Test (formerly the Leadership Test) All students are required to take the PD Test, which is now based on SkillsUSA Framework Skills. It is approximately 50 questions and students are given 60 minutes to take assessment.  The assessments will be taken within the Leadership Component of Conference LMS starting April 7 and no later than April 10.  A study guide is available here.
  • Technical Assessment – All competitive events will include a technical assessment and may have a separate due date than the contest date. Please see contest schedule and conference LMS for details and dates. The assessments will be taken within the Contest Specific area in the Conference LMS.


Virtual Requirements for all contests: 
  •  Quiet environment for contest time to reduce noise and distractions to contestant(s) and judges.
  • A strong internet connection
  • Social Distance (6 feet spacing)
  • Safety – students should take proper safety precautions, and work in a safe manner at all times.
  • Advisor supervision – an advisor must be present and supervise student work to ensure proper safety precautions, and work practices are followed at all times.
  • Masks – masks are permitted and encouraged (especially while working around others).
  • Cleaning – ensure all work areas are cleaned following standard COVID requirements.
  • Uniforms – uniforms and SkillsUSA official dress are not required this school year, but clothing must be safe for each specific contest. Clothing should not have any offensive logos/wording. Clothing should not have school or student name shown (only student number).
  • Integrity – all contest work should be original work complete by contestants only within the allotted timeframe set by the contest requirements. No outside assistance is permitted.


State Officer Application

Being a State Officer is one of the highest honors a student can achieve in SkillsUSA Michigan.  If you have a student who wants to run for a state office, please have them complete and submit the State Officer Application by March 1, 2021.


State-wide Food Sculpture Contest

SkillsUSA supports community service activities and the State Officers are sponsoring a State-wide Food Sculpture Contest.  Documentation is due April 1, 2021.  Winning schools will be recognized at the State Conference.


Special Accommodations Request Form

SkillsUSA Michigan is committed to providing equal access to all persons in admission to, access to, or operation of its programs or services.  Individuals with disabilities or needing accommodations must complete and submit the online Special Accommodations Request Form to the state office with your registration.  SkillsUSA Michigan is not responsible for providing special accommodations if this form is not submitted.  Any readers, interpreters or other assistance implements or supplies must be supplied by the chapter.


Official Voting Delegates

Each chapter will have official voting delegates at the Delegate Meeting.  All delegates must be registered for the state conference.  Students that are already attending the conference in another capacity (competitor, observer, alternate, etc.) may also serve as an official voting delegate.

The number of official voting delegates is based on your chapter’s membership as of February 15th.  A list will be posted soon.