Forms and Documents

State Conference

Advisor Checklist
Advisor Meeting Agenda
Conference Program
Business and Industry Award Donations Form
Business and Industry Hotel Registration
Clothing Assessment Rubric
Conference Information Packet
Contest Chairperson List
Contest Chairperson’s Judge Nametag Request
Contest Location List
Contest List Please see updates!
Donation Form
Food Sculpture Contest
Grievance Form
Hotel Information and Budgeting Packet
Hotel Form for Amway
Hotel Form for Courtyard
Hotel Arrival & Departure Info
Intent to Compete Form – Due Oct 31
Judge Nomination Form – Due Feb 1
Leadership Test Study Guide
Registration Instructions
Resume Rubric
Resume Worksheet
Special Accommodations Request Form
Statesman Award Instructions & Checklist
Technical Committee Nomination Form – Due Oct 15
Voting Delegates Chart

National Conference

Advisor Checklist
No State Run Contest Form – due Feb 1
National Conference Information Packet
National Conference Registration
Leadership Test Study Guide
Atlanta Map
Qualifier Not Attending Form
Trading Pin Order Form